Q: What type of cabinets are used at Final Frontier?
A: We utilize Dell 4210 and 4220 cabinets with square mounting holes.Q: What type of power outlets connect to your cabinets?
A: We use twist lock plugs in the following varieties:

  • 120V – L5-20
  • 120V – L5-30
  • 208V – L6-20
  • 208V – L6-30

Q: What would you recommend for IP KVM?
A: Final Frontier recommends either using servers with IPMI capabilities or the use of an IP KVM such as a Dell 2161DS.Q: Why would I want IP KVM?
A: IP KVM allows you to access your server exactly as if you were sitting in front of it with a keyboard and monitor. It allows you to access BIOS level menus and commands. IP KVM saves a lot of expense by allowing you to do anything and everything outside of physically handling the hardware.Q: Based on my colocation space, which PDU should I use?
A: If you have a full cabinet, we suggest the following:

  • APC AP7930 – 20A 120V
  • APC AP7932 – 30A 120V

If you utilize a 1/2 cabinet, we suggest:

  • APC AP7901 – 20A 120V

If you colocate at 1/4 cabinet, we provide a single APC AP7901 – 20A 120V for you.Q: What is Final Frontier’s power usage policy?
A: We use an 80% usage policy. This keeps our power system and your equipment safe from spikes or over-usage. If you utilize more than 80% of your allotted power, we will request that you power down some equipment or that you upgrade your power allotment.Q: What network equipment would you recommend?
A: We recommend the following:

  • Firewalls: PIX 525, ASA5505, or ASA5510.
  • Basic IP Routing: Cisco 3550 for 24/48 x 10/100 w/2x1G, or Cisco 3560/3750G for 24/48 x 1G
  • Basic Switch: HP 2848 10/100/1000mbps for 48 port gbps w/ 4 SFP ports, or HP 2650 for 10/100mbps w/2x1G uplinks.
  • High-End Router: Cisco 6500.

Q: How do I request IPs?
A: Please email to service@frontier.global and let us know what you need. Once there, please select “IP Allocation Request.” This will let you justify/request more IP space.Q: I need software licenses. Do you have any available?
A: Yes! Final Frontier can provide you with many software licenses. We have the following available:

  • R1Soft
  • Softaculous
  • cPanel
  • Fantastico
  • Ksplice
  • Microsoft Server 2008
  • Microsoft MS-SQL
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Many more…

Q: Do I need to ship mounting rails with my server?
A: Yes! Every server mounted in our cabinets requires proper rails to be installed and used.Q: What length network cables should I use?
A: We recommend using color coded network cables between 5′ – 7′ in length.Q: Do you have OS install disks for me?
A: No. You should plan on bringing two sets of installation media of your chosen OS. Why two sets? Just in case there is a problem with one. It’s always easier to have a backup than it is to go and find another copy.Q: What tools or other equipment would you recommend I bring along?
A: The following items will be handy to have around:

  • Assorted screwdrivers.
  • Wire cutters.
  • Needle-nose pliers.
  • Flashlight.
  • Velcro cable management strips.
  • Battery powered labeler.

Q: What are some “best practices” you would recommend?
A: The following are some helpful tips that will make things a bit easier for you:

  • Label EVERYTHING. Label all of your equipment as well as the ends of each cable. This makes things much easier should you ever need to change a cable or perform work on anything.
  • Multi-colored ethernet cables. Use different colors for each network (i.e. public, private, IP KVM, IPMI, etc.) Once again, this will make any work you need to perform much easier. You will be able to spend your time working, rather than finding what cable goes where.
  • Use crossover couplers instead of dedicated crossover cables. They’re cheap, and, should you need to replace a cable, standard Cat5e/Cat6e cables are much easier to locate.